Jul 31 2015

Beat the Heat!

Don’t let your pet become a victim of the heat!

Did you know that dogs and cats can’t really sweat? They need extra attention in the heat of the summer.

If your pet is outside during the day make sure it has plenty of shade and lots of water. You can even get a kiddy pool and fill it with water. You will need to keep the water clean to prevent illness. Consider having several different water sources available in case one gets knocked over or is too hot.

The pets most at risk from the heat are older pets, overweight pets and dogs with the smushed faces (Boston terriers, pugs, bulldogs etc.) it is recommended to keep those pets indoors during the heat of the day.

NEVER leave your pet in the car during the warmer months. Even if the car is on the air may not be flowing properly and it can get hot FAST! The temperature can rise to 172 degrees in only 15 minutes!

Last but not least try to exercise with your pets first thing in the morning or later in the evening. Avoid strenuous exercise during the day. The pavement can get hot for their pads!

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