Joanna Ammons, Receptionist

My Hometown: Eddy, Texas…I love it. It’s a small town and now my kids go to school there too!

My Family: Husband – Jon, 2 kids – Isabel and Jackson

Education: Associates Degree
Just For Fun: I like reading, sewing, crafting, and hunting

My Furry Family: 3 dogs – Remmi, Shooter, and Oreo. Bunny – Bayley. Turtle – Tyrell…and 6 chickens 🙂

Why I Chose to Work With Animals: I love my pets as if they were my children… and I’m excited to help others with their “children” as well.

My Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese!

If I could meet any person, past or present, who would it be and why: Reba McEntire – she is my favorite country artist and a strong role model for women

If I could vist anywhere in the world, where would I go and why? Germany – because it is where some of my family originated from