Kayce Sarver, Receptionist

My Hometown: Waco, Texas

My Family: I’m married with 3 children

My Education: Tarleton State, MCC, Collin College

My Finest Hour: I won bingo at the HVH Christmas party!

How do I enjoy spending my free time? I love archery, fishing, and playing video games with my kids.

My Furry Family: I have 4 dogs (Skylre Sprinkles, Merlin the Wonderdog, Khadgar, and Jaina), 4 cats (Winter Sapphire, Forrest Emerald, Uni-Kitty Sparkles, and Link Deku)

Why did I decide to work with animals? I always knew I would…and because of Steve Irwin…

What is my faviorite food? Why? Sushi…because sushi is amazing.

If I could meet any person, past or present, who would it be? Steve Irwin. He was my hero, and was one of the reasons I knew I wanted to work with animals.

Something Special About Me: I’ve worked in Veterinary Medicine for 11 years!