Lois Wollard, LVT

My Hometown: I was a military brat, but I spent many years in N.W. Florida

What was my favorite thing about where I grew up? The beaches!!!

My Family: My husband, Don. 2 sons – Jason and Brandon. 5 grand kids – Kodie, Katie, Jase, Kenlee, and Jacob

My Education/Certifications: LVT, AAS Veterinary Technology

My Finest Hour(s): I had a highly decorated military career. I am a retired Airforce Chief Master Sgt. I graduated from Vet Tech school with honors.

What to I enjoy doing in my free time? Target Shooting, scrapbooking, traveling, watching my grand kids, and going to sporting events.

My Furry Family: 2 dogs (Ranger, Buttons) and 2 cats (Jezzie & Black Bart)

Why did I decide to work with animals? Animals have always been my passion.

What is your favorite food? Why? Spaghetti…because I love Italian food.

If I could met any person, past or present, who would it be? Why? Colin Powell. He was an excellent leader and is a common sense, kind man.

If I could visit one place in the world, where would I go? Why? Jamaica…again! It has beautiful beaches, water, and people.

Something Special About Me: In the military, I assessed pavement surfaces of airfields…oh, and in 1983 I was “Miss Fire Prevention, 1983” (“Miss Flame”)…(Don’t laugh)…(seriously)…(it’s true.)